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Male & female characters in Unix Gaming branded armour from the game Delysium.
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Image of an early build of the web3 gaming platform OWNED, featuring elements from the game Blocklords.

Everything you need on one platform

  • Connect with friends
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  • Buy/sell gaming collectibles

Built for all types of games and gamers

From big-budget AAA titles and massive metaverses to hyper-casual mobile games, OWNED makes it easier to find the games you love.
Different types of games available on the OWNED web3 gaming platform, including breeding, open world, adventure, turn-based, action, web2, and story driven.
Four individual gamers in different situations having fun playing games.

The future of web3 gaming is play-to-owned

OWNED is an ever-evolving platform with plans to support competitive gaming, launchpads, enhanced token integration, and more following its launch.


Got questions? Find answers.
When does OWNED launch?
Our current launch window is early April.
How do I earn free rewards?
It’s easy. All you need to do is participate on the platform, have fun playing your favourite games, and join early access when it becomes available.
Do I need a wallet to access OWNED?
Not at all. Our goal is to make OWNED as easy as possible, which means you can log in using your favourite social media or email account through Single Sign-On.
Will you support fiat payments?
Yes! To keep things simple, OWNED will support seamless one-click fiat payments.
What chains do you support?
While the exact chains are yet to be finalised, we will support as many as possible. We will go where the games are.
Can I use the Unix Gaming token on OWNED?
Absolutely. We are planning to provide a number of exciting features powered by the Unix Gaming token.
What do you mean web3 games? Do you mean play-to-earn?
Web3 gaming refers to any game that uses the blockchain in one way or another. So yes, P2E will continue to be a part of web3 gaming, but web3 games have expanded to new categories like play-and-earn and our personal favourite play-to-own.
What makes play-to-own different from play-to-earn?
Recently, over at unix gaming, we discussed the idea that essentially any game that decentralizes ownership is web3, and play-to-own epitomises that idea.

Like all web3 games, play-to-own games allow gamers to take possession of their in-game items as NFTs. However, those items should be earned through gameplay, and the rarity of an item should be defined by its difficulty to be obtained.

In doing so, play-to-own games maintain their competitive spirit and avoid the problems of pay-to-win.

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Built for all types
of Games & Gamers.

Buy, sell and trade your gaming assets from top games with other players at no cost at all! Buy, sell and tradeyour gaming assets from top games with other players at no cost at all!
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